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November 25, 2015

Best Power Forward in the NBA?


While there is a declining number of quality centers in the NBA, there is no such shortage at the power forward spot. If the question was who is the best power forward in NBA history, then I would go with Tim Duncan. But, this video is about who is the best power forward in the NBA right now.

And the Most Exciting First Round Series is…

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Golden State Warriors

The Clippers and Warriors series has been full of drama on and off the court. So far we’ve seen blow-out wins, wild finishes, monster dunks, clutch threes, and a senile owner spew racist remarks for the world to hear. This award was supposed to be for the most exciting player, but Theo and Khari couldn’t decide between Blake Griffin and Steph Curry, so we compromised and gave it to the most exciting series. Like this:Like Loading…

And the Most Unwatchable First Round Series Is…


They are unwatchable! But Khari and Theo aren’t. Check out the next award the Elite Insiders give out to the Pacers and Hawks series. The “Most unwatchable first round series” themed after the abrasive ESPN personality Colin Cowherd. Will the Pacers recover from the long slump they have been in? Can the Hawks actually pull off the upset? Will anybody be watching to see? Probably not. The Hawks winning two of the first three does make this series a bit more interesting, but this is still a pretty boring series due to the makeup and struggles of both teams. WUKBTYHBEQU4 …continue reading

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